10 fashion items we prefer to use today than past.

Deffrent types of fashion around the world this article show some things use you lock more attractive.

1.Satin dress

In the late twentieth and early twenty-first century almost every contemporary woman had a satin dress in her closet. Gwyneth Paltrow kept using them at the beginning of the 2000s and we constantly saw her posing on red carpets in one of her satin outfits. However, a little later this type of dress lost its popularity. And the main reason was that women realized that there was nothing nice about putting on something that looked like a nightgown.

But, as usually happens with fashion, everything has returned. And now virtually no celebrity can do without a satin dress. They generally have more than one in their collections and want them for their versatile character. If you are also the happy owner of a satin dress, remember that you can wear it alone or in combination with jackets.


The Bomber jacket is an article that, it seems, has always been popular. Michael Jackson used them a lot in the 1980s. And if we review the photos of the end of the 20th century, we will surely find many evidences of how famous these jackets or jackets were.

And, although they have never really become obsolete, in recent years their popularity has grown even more. Today we can find all possible varieties of the famous Bomber. The different textures and colors available allow you to use the Bombers to complete any image. You can combine them with both classic attire and something more casual.


At some point the monkeys were associated only with the children, but some time later the adults also began to wear this type of clothing. At the beginning, they were very classic, jeans fabric.

In recent seasons the monkeys have returned to our closets. Now designers make them very different: they are not only denim, but also other fabrics and have a variety of styles. If you are in a hurry and you have to dress quickly, it will be your best option. They are very elegant, they look cute and also highlight all the benefits of your body.

4.Flip Flop

Usually flip flops are associated with beach, pool or a country house. Hardly anyone put them to go to an event. Apparently, it was a type of seasonal footwear.

But it is not today. The flip flops ceased to be associated only with the beach. Contemporary designers make them so beautiful and diverse that it is no longer worth using them to go for a walk or to an event, as long as the code allows. They are very comfortable, elegant, often bring all kinds of ornaments and became an inseparable part of the lives of people who love the combination of comfort and beauty.

5.Los “crop top”

Who has not worn “crop tops” and short shirts or blouses in the ’90s, has not lived at the time. You could find them in every store, of any color, fabric and size. But, at the beginning of the 21st century they lost ground and disappeared from our closets.

Today they are fashionable again. The return was almost imperceptible, but they became very essential for any young person. This article of clothing is used both in everyday life, as well as for gala events, creating perfect images. With a “crop top” you can underline your sexuality in the best way.

6.Collares choker

Choker necklaces or chokers, another greeting from the ’90s. Possibly, it was the rockers who used them mostly, but the example of Britney Spears shows us that the stars also loved this accessory. As with other articles, the chokers lost their charm beginning the new century.

But they reappeared a couple of years ago with more force. Today they come in all colors, textures and shapes for any taste. It seems that this time they came to stay for a long time.

Currently the fashion of short leggings has returned. If you go out, you will easily find people who combine them perfectly well with other clothes. Many sports brands began to make them to meet the most exquisite tastes of their customers. And, of course, the stars are not far behind in use of this article.

7.Platform sandals

Hablemos de calzado. A principios del siglo XXI las sandalias de plataforma no eran muy populares que digamos. Se creía que se veían raro y no eran muy cómodas, entonces ¿cómo y para qué ocasión se podrían usar?

The answer to this question appeared not long ago, when this type of footwear became an important part of our lives. Designers don’t get tired of modifying them. In stores you can find a range of varieties, textures and colors of platform sandals that would fit you with virtually any type of clothing. Apparently, buying one or two pairs could cover all aspects of life: your daily chores and trips to parties and events.

8.Jeans dresses

This fashion trend is well established in our lives. Jeans clothes have never gone out of style. Only when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake appeared together dressed from head to toe in denim, it became clear that there was already too much denim in our lives. Then the people decided to breathe a little and put their clothes in the closet.

However, a couple of years ago jeans clothes (and especially dresses) has returned. Celebrities and ordinary people saw something attractive again. In addition, designers are creating many lovely variants that highlight the body very well. Today, you can wear a denim dress to go to the office and also for a New Year’s Eve party.

9.Elastic headbands

Vincha Have you already recognized her? Do you remember how popular they have been in the late 1990s and early 2000s? Every girl who followed fashion had at least one and used it for any occasion. But, like other fashion things, it also lost its popularity at some point.

Several years passed before the beloved headbands returned to the scene. Lately more and more often you can see the girls on the streets using them. And it can be only as an accessory or worn instead of a cap. If you are one of the girls who always wants to be in the center of attention, you should get headbands and combine them well with your clothes.

10.Butterfly hook

Butterfly hooks are another accessory that you have surely used at least once in the past. Some girls even got to have collections of different colors and designs.

It seems that this trend has remained in the early 2000s, but it is not true. Yes, they have undergone several changes and the old variants are no longer used, but so far the beautiful and elegant butterfly hooks can adorn the hairstyle of any girl or woman.

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