8 Ways to Grow a Beard Quickly, Please Try

Discuss About how to grow beard use eight easy tips to grow your beard naturally because beard need you look more attractive.Let see all tips sure help you to grow your beard.

1.Coconut Oil

Besides being good for health, coconut oil can help grow a beard. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, can absorb the skin and make your facial hair roots healthier and stronger.

In addition, coconut oil can also protect hair from things that can make hair damaged. Apply coconut oil on the face before going to sleep, leave it overnight, then clean the next day.

2.Malacca / amla leaves and mustard leaves

Vitamin C in amla leaves not only gives shine to the beard, but also helps eliminate dandruff. Dandruff on beards is a major cause of hair loss in the face. Rinse twice a day with mustard leaves, you will start seeing results within a few days.

3.Use facial cleansing soap

You should wash your face at least twice a day with proper facial soap and not only with water. Clean skin will accelerate the growth of facial hair. Dirt on the pores of the skin will stop the growth of beards and can even weaken the roots.


Lack of protein can cause hair loss. Assumptions of foods containing protein and saturated fat. Avocados, cheese, dark chocolate, and eggs are the best sources of protein. Try to consume in normal amounts, because too much will cause problems for you.

5.Consumption of foods rich in vitamins

An imbalance in the composition of vitamins A, C and E in the body can inhibit the growth of your facial hair. Start eating more nuts and seeds because they will strengthen your follicles and levels before you. This will create a healthy growth of your beard.

Likewise, a deficiency of vitamin B causes thinning hair and eventually experiences loss. You can take biotin pills to increase facial hair growth.


Take at least 20 minutes of your daily activities to exercise. This will improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins from your skin. besides that, exercising will provide nutrition to your hair follicles.

If you cannot exercise for some reason, you can massage your face to improve blood circulation on the face.

7.Sleep on Time

Someone who suffers from insomnia often complains of hair loss on the face. The reason, sleep problems harm cells in the skin. Try to regulate regular sleep patterns. This will help improve skin cells and accelerate hair growth.

8.Avoid cutting hair in fast time

Cutting your hair every day will not increase hair growth. Let the hair grow for 5-6 weeks, but depends on the growth of your hair. Anxiety and stress can stop hair growth.

In addition, this also affects the beard discoloration. Some people have a habit of pulling their beards and eyebrow hair when they are stressed. A relaxed mind will encourage the growth of beards every day.

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