5 trendy fashion hairstyles in 2019

Each style is for different women and I will help you with this article so that you can choose the best one for your hair taking into account the type of face you have, the skin color of your body since it also influences what type of dye color You can use.

For example, as I explained in another article if you want to make a radical change you can opt for red hair but if what you are looking for is some kind of easy hairstyle you do not have to stop being within what is used this year.

Some years ago he returned to use the collected hair again and all this has a logic since the high temperatures of summer and spring cause you a lot of heat and it is much more practical with the little time we sometimes have to make a very elaborate hairstyle.

But this does not take away the elegance that a woman has to have when it comes to wear the hair as neat as possible and be able to be as beautiful as we always like to be and surely with this you will be very agree that the trend of how to wear You often do your hair yourself.

Although celebrities as actresses and celebrities are those who impose this type of leadership on what is used and not this year.

But I tell you a great secret of beauty and trends .

The hairstyles that sweep in 2019

If you have already cut your hair in the fashion of the season, you need inspiration to know what hairstyles to do with your new look. Luckily, we have gone through Pintrest to discover what other trends in fashion hairstyles await us next 2019. This semi-collected with bow included is one of our favorites, especially for girls with medium hair.

1.Low bun

As Meghan Markle has begun to show us this year, the low bun (or low bun) is just what we need for everyday life. In addition to saving you the bad hair day in a moment, it is easy to do and paste both to party and to go to work. You decide to register.

2.High bun

Similar to the most viral Hollywood semi-pick is this high bun. With the same function as a semi-pick to use but with the ‘chic’ of a top bun and the comfort of not wearing hair on the face.

3.High ponytail

The ponytail has not only become the fashionable hairstyle (especially for guests 2018/2019), but it is a timeless style that will never let you down. Of course, this year try to make it taller and add hair accessories with an original plus.

4.Low ponytail

Another of our favorite options, similar to the low bun we saw at the beginning, is this. The low pigtails have a very chic French air that drives us crazy, especially if you add a fine loop like the one in this photo. It is also another hairstyle that will save you from a bad day of hair (without noticing).

5.Pigtail or braid

Both! Hairstyles with easier braids have been good allies but, as of today, this becomes our favorite. Although it may seem complicated, all you have to do is create a lateral tang braid (on one or both sides of the head) and join them with all your hair with a low ponytail.

6.Boxing braids

Do you remember when they had their boom a couple of summers ago? Luckily, it will not give you time to miss them because this year they come back very strong. The braids on both sides will be the hairstyle of your dreams when spring approaches.

7.High braid

With the best of both worlds: a tall ponytail and a long braid. This is how you are going to wear the most comfortable collection from 2019. If you wear extra long hair (a very strong trend now) it will be easier.

8.Classic and easy hairstyles

If not, you can always stick to the basics like this semi-picked so sweet and pretty. Also take note of what are the party hairstyles that will make you devastate this Christmas.

Everything is always recycled and what is used this year is already used something similar or similar, so I always say do not worry how you have a haircut style, the important thing is that you like it as long as you respect what More important is good taste.

Hairstyles and Cuts Easy, Simple, Elegant and Modern

  • Why do women cut our hair?

It happens to me personally that I change it when

Some factors that you have to take into account before choosing what your next change will be is what type of coloration we are going to wear in the hair or hair that we choose according to how we comb.

Your daily routine influences how you comb your hair, for example, if you go to the office, you use collected hairstyles or chic, wet effects that are good for sports.

But ask yourself this question also how you have your elongated, oval or square face.

With this answer you will be able to decide correctly what your new look will be and with the help of your hairdresser who can always give you advice from the experience.

I tell you my case when I went to cut my hair very short, my hairdresser named Bebe Sanders told me that for my type of face that is round, that type of short hair can go perfectly but could not make me as I saw it on television to An actress known because I would look bad.

And I was very right for his degree of experience and so many hours of cutting his hair was the best advice he gave me for that once you decide to use a special hairstyle and get used to combing your hair every day that way because that too Mark your personality, be sure to listen to the recommendations.

It can save you from having a headache for not liking how you have a hairstyle or change hair dye.

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