10 famous fashionable watches in this world


This Swiss brand was founded in 1735 Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. It is a Swiss brand characterized by good watches of long tradition and high precision, is proud to have never created a watch with quartz movement and never will.

A Blancpain is simply a perfect watch, perfect until the last invisible screw inside, with a very elegant aesthetic.

Each of the models have a different character, unlike other brands when Blancpain creates a new model, creates a different box, a different strap, new needles and a new background all this to give a different personality to each of its Models.

The interior of a Blancpain almost all of its parts is manufactured by themselves in their factory, obtaining quality control from the beginning of the manufacture of their watches.

Once a Blancpain is manufactured, they go to the decoration workshop where they manually carry out the decoration and finishing by hand of the background, this work done by the artisans including the engraving of the numbers manages to give it that touch of high watchmaking.

You can say that a Blancpain is a work of art in miniature.


Founded by Abrahm Louis Breguet in 1775 with 28 years of age. Breguet was the first to make good watches in silver and gold boxes, collectors’ passion for watchmaking.

Abraham-Louis Breguet is listed as one of the best watchmakers on the planet, due to its many technical innovations such as the creator of the automatic movement, the “Breguet” needles or the Anti-knock system.

Among his most important clients were General Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, King Louis XVI of France, Prince Ferdinand of Spain, etc. being in the S XVIII the reference mark for the diplomacy of Europe

Breguet is proud to create the oldest Swiss watch, to have a Breguet on the wrist is to have a collection piece loaded with history and romanticism. Baroque designs decorated with diamonds.


To talk about chronograph watches is to talk about Breitling, the Swiss brand founded in 1884 by Léon Breitling focused his brand on a type of chronograph watch with many functions whose demand was on the rise for the military, industrial and sports sectors.

Breitling watches are of the highest quality, as a high precision instrument, all their chronometer watches come with an official certificate.

In 1893, Breitling patented a system that could maintain the clock’s energy for 8 days only with movement. In 1896, Breitling came to get a chronograph that was accurate to two fifths of a second.

Shortly after I manufacture a clock with a heart rate monitor with a logarithmic scale perfect for measuring people’s pulse, having great success among the medical professional.

In 1905, with the evolution of the automobile industry, Léon Breitling patented a vehicle tachometer capable of measuring any speed between 15 and 150 km / h.

The famous Gravimeter can control time with high precision, but it can also perform mathematical calculations. And thanks to its emergency issuer it can also save your life, in fact, it would not be the first life that saves.


Founded in 1791 in Geneva by Jean-Francois Butte and which came to light in 1854 by Constant Gerard-Gallet son of Marie Gerard-Peregrinate and Jean-Francois Butte.

Gerard-Peregrinate works in an artisan way, performs its own movements and decoration, assembly and adjustment is done 100% by hand, maintaining traditional methods.

A Gerard-Peregrinate is spectacular inside and out. In 1971, Gerard-Peregrinate presented what was the first quartz watch produced in Switzerland, with a frequency of 32,768 Hertz, the reference frequency in force today in the vast majority of good watches.

A brand with a long and marked tradition that is a bit in the “forgetfulness” largely because it is an independent company, without the commercial media support of other manufacturers that are part of the large watchmaking groups that control the market.

Somewhat recharged design with quality and unusual finishes.


The IWC (International Watch Company) brand founded in 1868 in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen with just over 35,000 inhabitants by the American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto, who at the age of 27 emigrated to Switzerland to manufacture watches of the highest quality and sell them in USA thanks to Switzerland’s lowest salaries compared to the US.

IWC manufactures watches that do not go out of style, watches made meticulously and completely by hand, where even the smallest detail is taken care of.


Brand founded in 1833 is characterized by collections of men’s watches with a classic and refined air. Among its patents is the smallest wrist watch in the world.

Precise, robust and resistant, with designs for the past, for the present and for the future. Its decoration is completely handmade by achieving a perfection that a machine can never achieve.

Luxurious watches with decorations in rubies, platinum, gold and diamonds openwork by hand with total delicacy of their artisans.

The pieces of steel are bathed with a thin layer of nickel and those of brass with a 24 carat gold micro layer, an artisan work to be a piece for eternity, the rest of its interior pieces are also protected with different micro-layers such as they can be silver, palladium or ruthenium, protecting all its parts from wear and corrosion.

When Jaggeder-Coulter takes out a new model before taking it to production, the manufacture of several prototypes is necessary, during a period that can vary between 6 and 12 months.

During this time they are subjected to hard control tests before they begin manufacturing.

7.Louis Moinet

Founded Louis Moi-net in Switzerland in the year 1768. Louis Moi-net of French origin and from an early age was a passion for watches, but he trained for years as a painter, sculptor and architect, until he met Abraham-Louis Baguette, with whom they would forge a great friendship and they would share the passion for haute horologic.

Famous for its pendulum clocks considered works of art can be seen exposed today in large museums such as the Louvre in Paris, the Palace of Versailles, the Pitti Palace in Florence or even in the White House museum.

In 1816 he was the inventor of the chronograph. His watches are an essence of art and technology thanks to his training as a painter, watches with a unique identity of limited editions and an exclusive design. Moi net is considered one of the greatest watchmakers in history, he loved to share his knowledge to such an extent who dedicated 20 years of his life, to write a masterpiece of two volumes called the Watchmaking Treaty, published in 1848 without any economic interest is considered the most beautiful watch book in history, in it you can find his best watchmaking techniques Today is a collector’s item.


Omega is one of the best known luxury brands on the planet. The Omega Speed master Professional was the first watch to step on the Moon and that is because it is the official watch brand of NASA. There are many people who think it is an American watch brand, but no, it is Switzerland, the fault of this is Hollywood movies

Its foundation dates from 1848 in the town of La Ch-aux-DE-Fonda in Switzerland, by Louis Brandt with only 23 years.

Omega is characterized mainly by being the James Bond watch and the official timepiece of the Olympic games, but it is also a brand that boasts of having watches with the greatest precision that man can create.

His designs are very modern with a sporty air, but still elegant, a brand that has adapted to the tastes of its fans.

His most recognized models are: Sea master Planet Ocean, Sea master Aqua Terra, Professional Speed-master.

Founded in 1839 by Polish immigrants Antoine Norbert DE Patel and Francois Capek, for many the world’s leading watch brand.Pateka Philippe

9.Pateka Philippe

Behind each Patel watch there are years of research, an average of 460 pieces placed by hand, one by one, a month of controls of each piece and 15 days of revisions, the miniature art, this is the back of a Patel where a mortal at first sight only sees a drawing, but if you stop to look at it with a microscope you will see the similar miniature work of art in front of you.

High complexity watches with great complications and perpetual calendars that few brands dare not even think about, to wear a Patel is to speak of sensations difficult to express with words, the aura surrounding a Patel emanates feelings, history, aroma of high watchmaking.

The manufacture of a Patel Philippe can last from 8 months to 8 years, with a waiting list of purchase that is around three and four years, Patel is above all exclusive.

Patel’s motto is that a Patel watch will never be yours, but that you guard it until it changes hands.

It is not uncommon to see at the auction houses their watches with prices that can be around one million euros, in 2014, the Patel Philippe Henry Graves Super complication with its 920 pieces, 430 screws and 70 handmade jewels became the most expensive watch auctioned in history and acquired by an anonymous paying almost 20 million Euros.


Rolex was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilfredo at the age of 24. Hans Wilfredo calls himself a visionary as he was the pioneer and forerunner of the wristwatch.

To talk about Rolex is to talk about absolute precision, the beauty of a wristwatch and the guarantee that a Rolex watch can be subjected to the toughest hardness tests without damaging it, thanks to its ceramic manufacturing gives it a extraordinary hardness being virtually impossible to scratch.

The success of the Rolex brand is thanks in part to the extreme hardness of its watches and of course to some successful advertising campaigns.

The best known models are: Submariner, GMT MASTER II, Mississauga, Oyster Perpetual.

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